Meet the Maker


Emily Fratson is a Yorkshire-based artist working primarily in ceramics and drawing mediums. Originally from Mississippi, Emily has a BFA in Visual Arts from Belhaven University, where she studied a variety of processes including photography, drawing, sculpture, and design from 2008-2013. Though interested in ceramics, she did not begin working in the medium until October 2016, when she commenced a ten week course in her new home city, Hull. 

Emily has worked as an Art teacher both in the US and the UK. Currently, she works in administration and marketing for a local Gallery and Community Arts Centre and makes ceramics based out of a small studio in her home.


Artist's Statement

 "I employ drawing, textile processes, printmaking, and ceramics in my practice, which revolves around remnants and remains. I am curious about how objects correlate to history and identity. To me, this work that I am compelled to create feels like a visual anthropology. I am continually unearthing lines of inquiry: the nature and perception of recorded history, migration of people and animals, the prehistory and geology of the land, the search for understanding our origins and ancestry, ect, which I hope to excavate through my process.

The materials I use are directly related to the subject matter that I am exploring, and I often incorporate found objects, including artefacts, in my work. People have always felt the need to make marks, and our history is rich with beautiful objects which serve functional roles and make statements about the world around the maker. To a degree, my simple aim is to do that as well. It is always my goal to produce pieces which will cause someone to stop and think about what they are holding, as well as form their own questions about the specific design. I want my collections to dialogue about the culture and peoples that inspired them, to cause people to ask why the objects exist, and more abstractly to call to mind the function of artefacts and curated objects as a whole. 

 I enjoy working through the creation of a series of works, which form bodies, creating a collection of objects which center around a main idea, from which the recurrent themes of my practice can then flow. Currently, I am creating works for a joint exhibition with my husband, Matthew Fratson, which deals with the two rivers we have found so significant in our lives: The Mississippi and The Humber. Personally, my current exploration affords me the opportunity to pursue understanding the role of "The Father of Waters" to the surrounding land, it's people throughout history, and my own ancestry. I look forward to announcing the date and further details of our exhibition."



All works are completely hand-made and one-of-a-kind, and because they are made using traditional hand-building techniques, rather than being wheel-thrown forms, it can take longer to produce works. Please allow 6-8 weeks for production on custom orders, and plan for 2-3 days processing before shipping to ensure that your order is packed to arrive safely to you. 

All works should be handled with care. It is not recommended to place any items in the dishwasher, despite some being dishwasher safe. Likewise, pieces should not be used in the oven unless it states that it is safe for cooking in the item description. Some items will not be food-safe, due to the use of certain oxides and other raw materials. The item description will specify whether or not it is safe to consume food and drinks from the piece. 

Some pieces are grogged to add texture, and can be quite rough. Please take care to protect your furniture from scratches placing felt or cork on the base of the piece. 

If your order is damaged in shipping, please email as soon as possible with details and images of the item(s).

To inquire about wholesale and custom orders, please email using the form found here